Sentimental Journey.

I was awakened from my blissful slumber this morning by John Lennon singing his song Starting Over to me in my dream. Not a bad way to be woken up eh?.

I thought that was a very, very nice gesture he made. I smiled and thanked him by leaping to my speaker and playing the song he actually sang to me. As I listened with the volume not toooooo loud, I got enlivened almost immediately by the frenetic piano chords, then the rolling rhythm and gradual escalation of the bassline. Love it!

My dreams are like a whole smorgasbord of creative ideas and guidance at the moment, I suppose they always have been but my mind was too polluted to notice before. Sometimes the very lucid, sometimes neon coloured light, brighter than light known to the human eye, startles me awake. Like boom! Sometimes I see writing like on the paper inside a fortune cookie. Other times it’s a song. Occasionally it’s a vision. Once again, many moons ago… Lord Ganesh came to me in my dream too. I woke up sobbing like an infant. EGGS ARE BABY CHICKENS… is what he told me gently with a smile. I sobbed and sobbed. I didn’t eat eggs for ages. Then I started to again. Ive been known to fall off the wagon now and then…. (ahem)…. I don’t eat them anymore but I’d never chastise anyone for eating them. That would be plain cruel. I lived with one of my beloved sisters once again, many many moons ago, on the famous Portobello Road. She made the best fried eggs EVER… I kinda miss em. I miss her too. I do ‘love an egg’ but my diet is plant and fruit-based now. Hmmm, I’m hungry. I decide to peer outside my bedroom window.

There’s something not quite right in the air today. Actually, to be honest, I have felt a real disconnect to the weather for quite a while now. There’s something ‘eerie’ in the atmosphere. I’ve been in my usual hermetic mode. Occasionally and when absolutely necessary on my ‘rat-runs’ to the little local shops and back I’ve been dodging the weirdo zombies. They are the ones I can empathetically feel barely surviving spiritually under the spell of lies. I don’t mind breezing as quick as possible past them ones but when I bump into those I care about, I stop and after a huge hug, we chat. They feel the same as me. Strange weather affecting their spirit and feeling somehow low for no reason. It’s supposed to be summer? Our summers in London have always been slightly hit or miss, but it’s been relentlessly dreary lately.

I scuttle back from the maze-like concrete jungle and jump straight into the sanctuary of my bed and continue to write. My cats are unusually unsettled. We all, eventually, get cosy and I listen to John Lennon again. Instantaneously my spirits are lifted. I begin to embrace the thoughts that come to my mind. I embrace the thoughts about the lifelong friendship he had with Paul McCartney. I wonder what really happened between them? It’s always been a private matter between the two of them and has been kept that way, quite rightly so.

I think about my old friends and how I treasure mine wholeheartedly. The friends I have lost along the way, I wish them well.

Lennon’s lyrics inspire me to start to think about my next journey. I myself have started over recently, at since the beginning of this year almost every single detail of my life, since the ongoing divide between opinions of late, has changed.

For the best.

I’m truly happy now and it’s taken quite some time to get here…

“Let’s take a chance and fly away, somewhere alone” he sings.

I always travel alone but I’ll definitely take John’s music with me on my next trip. I feel he would have been a true and trustworthy loyal friend. Those are rare to find and I’m blessed to have more than a few.

In my usual go with the flow, happy go lucky, free-spirited way… I haven’t a plan. I trust and have faith I’ll be shown the way divinely, like the ‘one and only’ John Lennon guided me this very morn. I share my gratitude to John for the sentimental journey, that he led the way, on the path, in my mind.

John’s last ever words to Paul were….

‘Think of me every now and then, old friend’.

I sit.

In silence.

I smile.

I promise John that l shall think of him too.

Peace x