I literally can’t wait to get to sleep at night. My dreams are inspiring and enlightening. Before I would stay up for days and nights on end but now, bedtime, early nights and my dreams are my favourite things.

Last night I dreamt I was a passenger, flying in a helicopter… with David Bowie. I had me legs up in the air again… No not like that!

He was sitting gentlemanly with his legs crossed elegantly together, whilst I took up the other two-thirds of the double seat we both shared.

Shoulder to shoulder… side by side.

I had my back leant against his arm but with my legs raised and bent with my feet finding a wedge to rest ‘em on just under the window. (I’ve always found myself doing the most ordinary of things in the most unordinary of ways).

We soon swiftly landed in the grounds of his gaff. It was a mansion, not too ostentatious, when noticing the humble sized swimming pool I wondered if he was stingy? We have all heard stories and I’ve also had my own experience with rock stars that were notoriously frugal. I’ve never really got my head around that. I never will either. But anyhoo. I didn’t get that vibe from him.

We walked down the country lane beside his abode to greet some of his awaiting fans. He was so gracious and kind. After waiting patiently for him to bid his farewells, we walked together to get ice cream from the van parked nearby. Then I woke up.


Another fantastic dream inspiring my thoughts. I ponder deeply.

‘What song of Bowie’s is my favourite?’

After incessantly racking my mind examining his endless and remarkable repertoire, I conclude that it is… indeed… an impossible task. Now that’s coming from me, a true Sagittarius, the eternal optimist that believes anything is possible but… No, not that.

So I changed the direction of my thoughts tooooooo…

‘What was the most prescient song of his for this moment of time?

Of course, it’s gotta be Heroes.

Since the ongoing divide between opinions of late, I’ve had to become my very own hero. Almost every single aspect of my life has changed for the better, I may say confidently now, but this comes after a torturous amount of much-needed soul searching. It takes courage to speak your truth. In moments of furore I have burned many bridges, that’s unfortunate. I could have channelled my fury with righteous anger instead of furore… but you live and learn. Those who eventually, god willingly, differentiate the truth from lies, and those who truly love me, will work things out in due time. Or not.

It’s not could you know the truth? its would you want to? With so many souls suffering, I feel it’s our duty now more than ever. Be brave.


There were times last year I was in so much pain I could hardly even breathe. Going down the rabbit hole without more spiritual knowledge and practise in place was dangerous. I almost lost my mind. Only by Gods merciful grace and support from my loved ones did I survive.

Amazing Grace.

I remember words from a good soul who once said about me…..‘I was made for war’. This always puzzled me a little but after thinking about it, the only time I’ve ever had complete and utter laserbeam-like focus was, unfortunately, when under attack. People were attacking my opinions and beliefs, therefore offending my soul. I had to defend myself. If I was more balanced I could have handled matters in a better way. A productive way and not destructive. I accept this and the repercussions I have brought upon myself too. I transmute and transcend the karmic lessons I’ve learnt and send gratitude to the universe for the new wisdom gained from my experience.

I may have been ‘made for war’, but of course, I’m made for love too. That, unbelievably to me, has been the only chink in my otherwise impregnable armour. The problem I’ve had the most difficulty with over the years is protecting my heart. I’ve always seen the divine in everyone, my loved ones relentlessly warned me tirelessly over the years, and I never took heed to their words. I also sabotaged love myself. That’s tough to admit. I’m brave enough to fight my corner but humble enough to accept my failures too. I realised the only ‘real’ enemy worth fighting was me. Let’s just say I found this enemy tremendously tricky but with each passing day I’m working stuff out.

I digress.

I’m a real softy and spend most of my days dreaming sentimentally. I was shaken to my very core by some of the wisest words that ‘one’ of my guardian angels has ever said to me, and believe me he has many, many, many.


The words winded me at once and that ‘shellshock’ feeling hit the pit of my stomach, deep in my gut. It saddened me, to say the least, that we have to live in a world like that.

I had to grow up. Basically.

For the first time in my life, I had to be my very own best friend. One of the wisest souls on earth advised me to ‘prepare myself for a lonely journey, for a prophet is never a prophet in his own home’. With that in mind, I had no choice but to be my own hero, especially when my real-life heroes seemed so, so, oh, so far away… or were they?

Very recently, one of my dreams came true.

In fact it blew my dream completely out of the water.

I not only happened to meet one of my true life heroes, I had the absolute privilege of walking alongside him.

…Shoulder to shoulder… Side by Side.

…for a least a mile. Just me, his son and my mate.

I daren’t say a word.

It’s only when having to pause at a crossing I asked him, respectfully.

Are you tired?

He replied


I requested we find a taxi to escort him to his car.

At the taxi rank, before going our separate ways, with my hands in prayer position… I said Goodbye. My hero’s son thanked me for helping. I realised how much of a hero he was too.

It was truly one of the finest moment of my life.

Me and my mate found somewhere along the way home to take a moment and pause. I had to sit down. I couldn’t speak. I was elated to the point of disbelief, but with an, unusually for me, serene kind of calm.

One of my dreams just came true, but better… (reminding me to never stop dreaming and also to… dream bigger).

When I eventually got home, I laid on my bed peacefully balanced and grounded and revisited the lyrics of HEROES.

“Oh… we could be heroes, just for one day”

I whispered the words softly over and over and over again in prayer.

I intuitively felt the ever-growing and unstoppable awakening.

I sat with a pure and genuine smile.

I made a promise to David that we all will be heroes. For the time is at hand.

And that moment’s… just a moment away.