Recently I saw a quote/phrase written somewhere. I’ve seen it before on social media and heard it said a few times also. It has always left me a little puzzled.

“True Love is like a game of chess… A boy always afraid of losing his queen and a girl risking everything just to protect her king”

How ominous.

I do not agree at all.

Here is my contrary proposition.

A ‘true’ King knows his Queen is not going anywhere. A ‘true’ Queen protects her King without a second thought. That’s just the way it is. To compare such a sacred union to a ‘game’ of Chess unsettles me somewhat.

I wonder why and who would compare True Love to a game such as Chess with all the additional external distractions and strategic complexities and complications.?

For starters, there are all these other pieces in the game.

There are The Pawns.

It is often debated whether the pawns are the peasants who live outside the castle walls or are they the soldiers protecting the royal court behind them. They defend against invaders. They move first before a battle ensues.

There is The Castle, Rook or The Tower.

This is the wall/barrier symbolising protection of higher-ranking pieces in the same way a castle or tower protects those on the inside.

There is the Knight.

This piece is a horse symbolic of what knights rode during battle. They are also protected by the tower because back in medieval times they were affluent and well educated and only the upper class were to be considered as knights. If the enemy should break through the castle walls, the knights would be the first line of defence.

Last but not least, there is The Bishop.

He stands close to the royals because it represents the church that royal courts held near and dear to their hearts.

I understand and can relate to the idea of a possible comparison to LIFE being like a game of chess. As I sit and ponder this thought, my mind opens to the possibility of even LOVE being compared to the game of Chess. The song LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD suddenly plays in my head enlightening me to a new and previously unconsidered perspective. But TRUE LOVE… Nah. I’m sticking my guns. I non concur.
In life and even love there are numerous and ever continuous battles. Of course. We all know what it’s like to be attacked by the enemy. You live and learn from each attack… ( even though I personally find the enemy laborious beyond measure). However, to compare such a divinely guided and protected union of True Love to a battlefield or even a game of chess in my humble opinion is just… silly.

Mind you, I’ll let you into a secret.

I can’t even play chess!

Maybe I’ll learn to play it one day, maybe I won’t. I’m really good at playing Draughts though. With all my own complex human eccentricities and idiosyncrasies… I’m just a simple girl at heart.

I arrive at the final destination of this journey with my own simple conclusion.

True love is like a game of Draughts. There are only the two of you. Nothing or no one else in the world matters… you both just simply jump all over each other and have lots of fun.

Peace x