A super full moon takes place when the moon is near its closest approach to earth. The technical term for a supermoon is ‘perigee-syzegy’. That term makes me giggle. (I have a really juvenile sense of humour). Well, we just had one.

It was soooooooo beautiful. You couldn’t possibly of missed it? I pray you spend time with the next one coming in May if you did.

Yet again I had such grandiose plans for the 48 hours or so. I was going to infallibly harness the powerful moon’s energy. Oh yes. I had complete and utter determination. I’ve been waiting excitedly for this one. I remind myself of the pros and cons of being a true Sagittarius…. so I was working on my non-existent patience and going wholeheartedly with my absoluteness. Oh Yes! I’m ready… I’m gonna wake up and sweep every last single bit of dust out of my house, I gonna scrub the floor on my hands and knees. I’m gonna do every bit of washing and slowly chip away at the (what started as a pile), Mount Everest-esque mound that was ‘squatting’ in my junk room. I’m gonna detox my body with a water-only fast. I’m gonna attempt for the 50 millionth time to somehow, miraculously ‘grasp’ the Bhagavad Gita. I’m gonna take a vow of silence all but singing OM MANI PADME OM and banging my mum’s old stew pot with a ladle to the beat of my heart whilst wearing only neon. I got this. I got this. I’m gonna do this with absolute conviction.

But oh no. Oh no, no, no. This supermoon had other plans for me. With one humongous and almost sudden whooooooosh. The universe took me out of the game.

I couldn’t move my arms or legs. At all. I was completely and utterly demobilised. I was sporadically and melodramatically doing a ‘Gloria’… (Gloria Swanson) every time I needed the loo. Making a cup of tea was just, simply, positively, absolutely… beyond me.

All I could do was marinate in my bed with thoughts as my only spices in this recipe of sustenance.
I unwittingly surrendered. I relinquished solely soaking in the Supermoon’s cleansing and healing energy forced by the supernatural power of the divine. I had no other choice. I’m not joking when I say I literally was bedbound. Heavy. Heavy as heavy can be.

My arm flopped to my right and, as if by magic, I found a massive bar of dark chocolate. Genius. I shoved slabs of it into my mouth. Slowly, very slowly I started to be able to wiggle and feel my toes move again. I started to be able to move my legs. I propped myself up with a ridiculous amount of pillows. What was that all about. Rah!

I thought about it. I thought about it hard.

I was releasing old negative thought patterns, I was releasing the toxicity of loving those who didn’t truly appreciate it, therefore those undeserving. I was releasing the negativity of the numerous shameful and guilt-filled flashbacks of nightmarish things I had done to loved ones who didn’t deserve those either. I thought I was incorrigible, but after repenting and repenting and repenting some more (almost constantly) in the recent past and taking solitude in prayer and meditation and pilgrimage walks. By God merciful grace, as always… I was becoming lighter. My light had nearly gone out in the recent past. I was dying. I called out the Lord’s name, my light twinkled inside my heart, then for just a moment, illuminated my room. I smiled. The lights still there.

I thought about the magnificence of genuine kindness and the profoundness of simple understanding.
I lowered my head humbly and shared tears of gratitude with Mother God. I made a promise to help those whose light is low. I understand the responsibility of a promise, a promise is sacred.

It’s time for us all to shine our light bright. The dark has evidently lost all power now although I must be mindful of thinking negative before I think good. Disentanglement takes time. I was afraid before. I was afraid to shine my light. I’m not anymore. I made a promise to Mother God to shine the light bright and strong…

I pray we all can together, sometime soon….

Shine as bright as the Super Full Moon.

Peace x