Sometimes it snows in April.

I’ve woken up and it’s cold in my mum’s flat. It’s my flat now since she passed but I always refer to it as ‘me mums’. I check out my phone and I’m surprised to see a forecast in London of snow showers. It’s real early in the morning and as it’s cold I don’t want to get out of my cosy bed to look out the window. It’s been such beautiful blue skies recently, but nowadays nothing easily takes me by surprise. I’m reminded of a proverb belonging to the Hausa tribe people belonging to the Hausa Kingdom in Africa. “ If you do not agree with the phases of the moon, Get a ladder and repair it.” I smile. I run a bath. I decide to listen to Prince.

……I used to cry for Tracy cause he was my only friend…. Those kinds of cars don’t pass you every day.

I sit. I listen. Then I bathe with the deep feeling of melancholy and thoughts of nostalgia. I reminisce about springtime. I think about deleterious endings. I think about auspicious new beginnings. I feel my heart healing as he expresses his pain. Healing is painful yet curatively tender. The transference of his expressed pain exponentially healing mine. I think about those I may never see again. I think about those I miss, I sit and process the reasons of those now I don’t. I think about trees.

All of a sudden the sun shines brightly over London Town. I check out the forecast again……. SUN! But they said snow? They say a lot of things though.

I think about the power of positive thought. I think about the power of music. I meditate with the heavenly father and the divine feminine. Suddenly this springs to mind. There’s just not enough Oak Trees around anymore.

“The greatest oak was once a little nut who held its ground”

I’m inspired to go for a little walk to find some more little nuts like me. The sun is still shining but I’ll put on a warm coat. You just never know how the day will turn out, you just never know who you might meet. I turn off my music and skip out the front door…… thinking……

……. Don’t cha just love Prince.