She has risen.

I  love walking. I love to walk with my closest companions but I love to walk alone the most. It gives me great space to think.

I’m recommencing a walk from my past that was prematurely cut short. I’m almost exactly as ill-equipped and unprepared as I was the first time I set off for on this walk many, many moons ago. Sitting on a train,  going to a place I think I know where I am going but ain’t really that sure. Ain’t got no map and phones gonna run out of battery imminently. With a backpack I don’t really know where it came from? It is still covered in my cat’s hair. I love my two white cats. They can do as they please. They have been using the padded side of the ‘Gods knows where it came from’ backpack, as a bed recently. All I have ‘packed’ is a pair of jeans and a bible, oh and a photo of mum.

I’m reminded of my trip to India years ago. I  boarded a plane to Delhi with just a pair of jeans, photo of mum and a book. The book’s title was A course of Miracles…. It’s apparently an awe-inspiring book. Maybe ill read it sometime. Maybe I won’t. It came in real handy back then used as a pillow or to whack someone round the nut with…… (Travelling as a woman alone can be challenging)….. but on that trip, after traveling throughout India, up through the Himalaya I found myself living in Kimdol, Nepal, but as a fully ordained and purified Buddhist nun. So …….  A Course of Miracles. I highly recommend it.

This trip is my own pilgrimage for the celebration of Easter. Jesus is always on my mind and in my heart although this walk is in remembrance of Mary Magdalene also. As I walk I think about all the strong women I’ve been blessed with knowing in this lifetime. My beloved Auntie Betty, my Ronnies mum Mary Kate, My dearly loved and highly regarded Card Lady Mum,  the blessed Cheryl Maddix, Little Annie next door and her mum Margaret also, Mummy Brenda and of course, my mother and mother to so many Violet Vaughan. I know they walk the steps I take alongside me. I’m not so alone after all. I smile.

Mary Magdalene. A symbol of the divine feminine. What does the divine feminine mean to me? What are divine feminine qualities? What is the role of the divine feminine? How do you awaken your divine feminine? What is a spiritual goddess? How do you heal divine feminine energy? So many questions to think about answering.

I start to think about compassion. Sacred compassion. Its in all of our souls. As I walk down The Ridgeway, an ancient path walked by Saints and Knights of old, I feel the overwhelming resonance of Love. I’ve always treated every living soul as an equal. From an ant to a living God. All deserving unconditional love. I pass Avebury and spend time with the stones. I sit and share my banana and dates as an offering to the giant that lays sleeping at Silbury Hill. I take reflection at the spring of the Divine Feminine Mary Magdalene’s tree. I am blissful. So much research to do.

I have a rough research idea. I know I need a research statement or hypothesis. I need a research outline. I have to make my decisions about gathering information techniques. I like to people watch and that’s part I suppose of my participant observation. Interviews, questionnaires, analysis, decisions about sources of information. Then getting the information, recording the data, analysing the data…… to then write my paper…… Phew….. seems like a hell  of a lot of hard work. Do I need to do all that hard work listed above?…. I tune into my divine feminine and decide…… Nah. I just listen to Patti Smith and do my thing.